How to Fluff Your Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree Like a Pro

These days, unlit artificial Christmas tree looks very realistic than the old-fashioned faux trees. First, you get lifelike foliage with extendable branches. Then, you find the tree dusted with snow to give you a dream white festive holiday feeling indoors.

When that tree comes out of the storage box, it needs to be fluffed to make it look lifelike, so it is a crucial step. Thus, whether you have your Christmas tree in a special storage bag or bought a new one, it will need heavy fluffing.  But do not fret; it is easy with a few steps.

No Equipment Needed

While you do not need any equipment, you must prepare yourself to wear a long-sleeved shirt and gloves. Doing this is a safety precaution to prevent the branches from scratching your arms. You will find that your tree will have a bit of fall, so keep your broom and dustpan on hand to do a sweep-up. This is important if you have pets or kids running around.

Start Spreading Those Branches

Whether you work from the top down or upwards, it does not matter; it all comes down to your personal preference. We usually start from the bottom as it is the way to assemble the tree easier.

Start by separating and spreading out all those fronds at the bottom tier working up. Give them a good shake to loosen all the branches. Once the main branches are separated, get to work fluffing them.

Place your hands on your unlit artificial Christmas tree to fluff from the inside. Then work your way out doing every branch. Ensure that you bend each branch in different directions to create dimension, giving it a natural look.

Stand Back to Check Your Work

Now, stand back from your tree to see if it has a whole, even look from all the sides. If not, manipulate the branches to fill out those negative spaces and bold spots. If your tree still looks flat, you must get crafty to add fullness.

The trick is if you have a slender tree with a minimal amount of branches, it helps to insert some decorations inside your tree to cover up those holes. For example, you can use ornaments, a tree skirt, or tinsel. Or, you can use luxurious fabric that works like thick strips of material the same color as your tree’s foliage.

Then weave the fabric between the branches by poking it into your tree not to be visible. For a stylish look, velvet works well, draped in long garlands like tinsel.

Lastly, Hide Flaws

If you still notice some patches, do not fear, as your decorations will come in handy. You can use those bubbles on your unlit artificial Christmas tree to hide gaps or use oversized flowers. No matter what ornaments you use from strings, and long ribbons, making them fall on those bare spots will make your tree look fabulous.