Inspiration from Smells for 15 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

The Power of Smell: How Making Your Artificial Christmas Tree Smell Like a Real One Can Boost Your Holiday Spirit

Who says that inspiration for how to decorate these 15 foot artificial Christmas trees comes from what you see? In many cases, people use some scent to help them come up with their own theme for their trees. And it is a great way to do something that is unique and very personal to you. However, many people when they hear being inspired by scent, they often wonder how in the world can you do this? We have a few tips that can help you pinpoint the scent that you want to focus on and a few ideas that can compliment these scents for decorating your 15 foot artificial Christmas trees.

What smell reminds you of Christmas? This is just one way to focus on how to decorate these 15 foot artificial Christmas trees. Do you think of cinnamon? Maybe you think of fresh baked cookies? Or do you think about pine scents? Figure out what scents you think about when you think of Christmas.

The Best Scents to Use for Your Artificial Christmas Tree

From there, once you smell this scent, what do you think about? While many people may think about the food that this scent comes from, there are just as many people have a memory that is associated with this smell. Take the memory that you have and then look at how you can use this memory to decorate your 15 foot artificial Christmas trees.

A few prompts to get you started to decorate your 15 foot artificial Christmas trees:

– What color do you think of when these memories strike?

– Do you think of a certain theme that reminds you of this smell or memory?

Think about these and then let your imagination soar. You are going to find that this will create something that is unique.