Repurpose your flocked artificial and real Christmas trees with these tips

Everyone knows Christmas lasts for a moment — not forever. Regardless of how you want it, the splendid memories last a lot longer than the holidays. And at some point, you would need to start tearing down all of your decorations, both indoor and outdoor.

As for the decorations and ornaments, they all go on an eleven-month break. However, what happen to our trees? Don’t just leave them out on the curb! There are several ways that you can repurpose your Christmas trees after the festive season is over. Here are some environmentally-friendly guides on what to do with your Real and Artificial trees after Christmas:


Durability is a key feature of artificial trees. Most fake trees can last up to 7 to 10 years. So, store your trees properly and reuse them. Use them over again till they lose shape and wear out. This way you can prevent the overcrowded disposure of trees for a couple of years.

You can also sell off your tree to an interested buyer. Or, for a more humane course, you can donate it to charities.

Before repurposing your trees, ensure that you strip off every single ornament and lights.


Some cities have recycling plans for Christmas trees which their members can easily partake in. You can go online to check the closest ongoing recycling plans that you can participate in.

Trees can be chopped into wood chips and used for landscaping or other uses. You can also give your trees out to natural habitats to preserve nature. Trees are very good for creating fish sanctuaries and stream rejuvenation projects.

One of the most popular DIY reuse of trees is creating a birdfeeder. Attach grains, millets, orange slices and other birds’ delicacies to the branches of the tree.

You can also decide to start a compost pile with your tree.