Top 11 best Minimalist Christmas decor for homeowners

Minimalist Christmas Tree: No ornament

Skip the ornaments and go for a simpler Christmas tree this year. Instead of a cumbersome tree skirt, try a wicker basket filled with soft blankets.

Fluffy Garlands

Hanging a garland in the window is a quick and easy method to give any room a festive atmosphere for the holiday season.

Simple DIY Christmas Ornament 

Simply reuse cookie cutter shapes and suspend them from a pine branch for a quick and easy homemade Christmas decoration. The effort is little, and the end result is adorable.

Crafting Materials for a Merry Christmas Tree Ornament

You may probably find a pine branch in your area, or just cut one from your own Christmas tree, and use it to build this festive decoration.

Twine: this inexpensive, high-quality, all-natural jute twine from Amazon is perfect for this do-it-yourself endeavor. It can also be used to improve your gift wrapping skills just in time for the holidays.

Minimalist Coffee-Table Scene

What about a quick and easy way to spruce up your coffee table? Put out a miniature artificial tree, some candles, and a tiny white house for the holidays on a serving dish.

Adorn Christmas Stockings with Holly

Putting holly stems or Christmas tree trimmings in stockings is a quick and easy way to decorate for Christmas. To put a little bit of Christmas cheer into your home without breaking the bank, try this.

Try wreaths

One of our favorite simple holiday decorations are wreaths. The bedroom isn’t the only place where these would look great hung up for a dash of holiday cheer.

Bowl, Possibly for Ornaments!

Your holiday decorating this year can be simple and inexpensive with the help of an ornament bow. If you’re looking for a simple way to decorate for the holidays, try dumping some ornaments into a huge bowl.

A little tree for celebrating Christmas

Feel like you’re breaking the bank every year on a life-size Christmas tree? Maybe you just don’t feel like it this year, or you’re too busy. There’s always the option of going small and simple with a tabletop tree instead of a full-size one.

Make this DIY small Christmas tree for a fresh take on the traditional minimalist Christmas tree. Only the very top of a pine tree should be used. Put it in a transparent vase with a small amount of water, and then display it on a table or counter.


Candles are always a good idea. The addition of a few candles is all it takes to turn any room into a warm and welcoming holiday retreat. Put a handful in a gold tray and use it as a basic Christmas centerpiece.

Holiday Tray with Ornaments

A small burlap-wrapped Christmas tree and a bowl of peppermints make an adorable and straightforward holiday display.

Holders Made From Repurposed Glass Jars

An easy and lovely way to decorate for Christmas with candles. Consider using old glass milk jars as candle holders instead of buying new ones. To create a warm and inviting holiday atmosphere, wrap a sprig of evergreen leaves with twine.