Why 9 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees Are Better Than Real Trees

When Christmas rolls around, you may notice that is when you start seeing people set up in parking lots selling real trees that are ready to be put into your home, local stores may start carrying real trees and wreaths for you to purchase, and the like. You will drive down the road and see people having trees strapped to their cars and trucks to get these home so that they can enjoy. It seems like a Christmas tradition that is seen in every holiday movie that you see. However, going real is really not worth it when compared to having 9 foot artificial Christmas trees.

Why is this? Simply put, 9 foot artificial Christmas trees are better than real trees…there is not much argument that you can make that will convince people otherwise. But, why are so many people interested in having 9 foot artificial Christmas trees rather than real trees in their home? Here are a few reasons:

1. Who wants to spend a few hours each week cleaning up needles that have fallen from these trees? This is not going to be an issue with artificial trees.

2. Do you really want to spend hours on a weekend to find the perfect real tree? Most likely you can put this time to better use. After all, your 9 foot artificial Christmas trees are going to be ready to put up and show off as soon as you pull these out of the box.

3. At the end of the Christmas season, those with real trees simply throw these out. It makes a lot of trash pile up. This is not the case with 9 foot artificial Christmas trees, that are going to be used year after year, not something that takes up room at the landfill. 

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